Via Fratelli Cervi, 47


This prestigious building, dating from the second half of the sixtieth century, was built by the senator’s family Angelelli from Bologna. It then passed to different owners, like the family Zambeccari, whose heraldic motif can be found on the frescoes.

In ‘800, it was bought by the family Facchini, whose last owner, Alessandro, gave the building to the Bologna’s Lying Hospital (today Istitute John XXIII). From 1996 this is a property of the city of Argelato.

Even if the building is the result of different periods, it has an extraordinary homogeneity. The central core, dating from the second half of the 16th century has two side wings that delimitate the inner courtyards.  The interior preserves some important decorations partially made by the famous decorator Cesare Baglione (the four halls in the north side) and partially (a hall and four rooms in the south side) to an artist who also made some works in Villa Sampieri Talon, in Volta Reno. The subjects painted have a moralistic character and tend to remind religious or cultural facts of the owners of the property.

The name “Villa Beatrice” wants to remind the countess Beatrice Lanzi Facchini, wife of one of the owners of the Villa, Enea Facchini, disappeared in 1884 and remembered on a memorial stone placed on the door of a little chapel inside the building that was recently restored. The Villa is made-up of a ground floor reserved to service environments (kitchen, dining room, pit, etc.); a first floor (the piano Nobile), official home of the lords and place of reception and representation and of a second floor for relax and hobbies.

Also the garden has special characteristics and includes a hill-reserve; once there was also a fishpond.  The disposition of the trees and of the vegetation has been designed specifically following the Renaissance’s techniques to accentuate the thermal shock between the two areas of the garden in order to create a microclimate which creates currents and breezes in the rooms of the villa.

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