Malacappa is a little hamlet of Argelato worth to visit, because it is like a dive into the past, a small village where time seems to have stopped, with a strong identity, away from any urban hustle and modern times. Malacappa is 4 km away from Argelato and located in a beautiful position between the high embankments of the river Rhine. The village found itself in the land between the river Rhine and the canal Navile, which alternates anthropization and little natural oasis with wildlife and spontaneous flora: a panorama of farnie, elms and oak trees interspaced by farmhouses.

The village has less than 100 inhabitants and few houses, from the bar of the town to the trattoria.  Everybody knows each other and there is a familiar atmosphere difficult to find in other modern contexts.A not to be missed event is the Malacappa’s First of May, launched ten years ago, and organised by the Circolo Arci Malacappa and the Pro Loco of Argelato.

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